Our Practical Intermodal Communication solution includes different opportunities managing the paperwork in connection with both import and export. The options offer a wide range of functions, making various parties benefit from our solution.

Danish Customs benefit from using our solution, as Customs employees have direct access to information in order to make a risk analysis of the goods. Locking units when Customs want to make a control of a unit is also fully implemented, giving Customs an efficient surveillance tool.

Notification to relevant parties when a unit is locked is automatically sent, optimising working procedures for all parties with an interest in this unit.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration also benefit from using our solution for making risk analysis of goods and getting an overview of goods at terminals. Furthermore, they get access to information about goods arriving and departing terminals.

Port authorities are also given access to information about all activities e.g. regarding calls and dangerous goods. They are also provided with the possibility to calculate storage charge at terminals. 

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