Practical Intermodal Communication

By providing a shared, real-time information platform, PIC binds all transport parties together in an information network, creating a community. We collect all information on transport and cargo, and make it available to all relevant parties in the chain of transport.

PIC manages and controls the flow of information, making it possible for transport parties to enter and process real-time information:

  • Service providers receive orders for services
  • Shipping companies give and receive information on vessel calls
  • Hauliers have online connection to the system from the individual trucks
  • Custom authorities are informed of clearance and receive information on arrivals and departures
  • Terminal operators receive orders for arrival and departure of units (by truck, train and vessel)
  • Security systems allow parties to cooperate by reusing data

PIC basic is an integration platform, which allows reuse of data by integrating internal systems via several different interfaces. A customised solution with a unique interface is provided for each transport party, focusing on individual functions and procedures.

Because we offer a variety of solutions to different parts of the transport industry, we take great pride in acting as a neutral service provider.

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