Terminal / Depot

With ever growing demands to move more containers and trailers more quickly, intermodal terminal and depot operators need the latest technology to manage terminal operations efficiently as well as cost effectively. Our intermodal terminal management tools allow terminal and depot operators the flexibility and scalability they need to run their operations regardless of terminal size – from a single terminal/depot to multiple terminals/depots geographically spread.

Our Terminal Operating System (TOS) is an integrated system for real-time planning and control of activities and operations at intermodal terminals and depots. The system offers a comprehensive range of facilities and operational features that helps simplify and optimise procedures significantly. By keeping track of all aspects of terminal and depot activities, including booking, planning, monitoring, reporting and invoicing, the system helps intermodal terminal operators maximise efficiency and increase terminal utilisation. The TOS incorporates all functionalities needed to handle any mode of transport and cargo type.

The TOS incorporates facilities such as self-service gate (an integrated system to accelerate gate activity, minimise truck turnaround time and maximise overall productivity), reporting and invoicing and electronic data interchange (EDI) facility for communication between transport parties.

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