In 1984 the first steps towards PIC as we know it today were taken, as the software house Plus Data developed a system for managing containers at the container terminal in Aarhus, Denmark. The solution was developed in close cooperation with the customer and user, the stevedoring company, Århus Stevedore Kompagni. From the very beginning, the solution was interactive and designed for the parties in the chain of transport who all had online access to the information centre.

In 1998 the organisation behind the solution was spun off into its own company under the name CSA; in 2002 this name was changed to FAA Information Technology.

In 2005 FAA Information Technology joined forces with the Swedish InPort Intelligent Port Systems AB and in this connection the name was changed to InPort Intelligent Port Systems A/S. After five years of cooperation the Swedish company was sold off in 2010 and, in order to stand out from the Swedish namesake, the company name was changed to PICit A/S.

PICit has a long experience in providing user-friendly and reliable solutions to the transport industry. Our staff represents experienced and highly qualified programmers, engineers and technicians, committed to ensure the highest level of reliability, security and availability to our customers. The management team of PICit was also the key figures behind the system developed in 1984 and the team has ensured a continuous development to this day, where we provide up-to-date, efficient web-based solutions to all our customers.

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