Liner Agent

Our OneStopBooking solution makes it possible to order transports and services for one or more units in just one booking and also order transports to one or more terminals/depots in the same booking. The booking can be delivered electronically to and from the internal systems of the relevant parties, giving our customers a great advantage – they only need to use one solution, whatever they choose to use the interactive opportunities via the Internet, or choose to use their own internal system to communicate with our solution.

Our customers experience great opportunities using the same interface when booking activities such as arrivals and departures of units to one or more terminals and depots. Many customers also benefit from electronic data interchange between the parties involved in a transport.

Our solution also provides the possibility to receive different reports in order to keep track of all activities. In addition to this, the solution features a trace function, giving our customers a quick overview of their units. Another function is to calculate demurrage.

Our Practical Intermodal Communication solution includes different opportunities for liner agents to optimise their working procedures.

OneStopBooking is our solution used for booking transports by means of truck, train and/or vessel. All significant terminals and depots in Denmark can be reached by using OneStopBooking including terminals in Norway and Sweden. 

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