History of PICit

PICit A/S 40 Employees & ISO/IEC 27001

PICit A/S reached 40 employees and began the ISO/IEC 27001 certification process in preparation for NIS2.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Port of Aarhus, APM Terminals & PICit A/S

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in Aarhus, Port of Aarhus, APM Terminals Aarhus and PICit A/S launched a complete real-time solution for the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in Aarhus for a better and more efficient product control.

Onrail & CMP Malmö

Norwegian Onrail took over the activities after Green Cargo Norway and PICit BOMS was expanded to be able to support Onrail’s growth from 10 employees to more than 100 employees. At the same time, CMP Malmö began using PICit TOS for digitalizing the handling of cars.

DFDS Esbjerg

DFDS Esbjerg implemented PICit Manifest, including ICS module, with direct system-to-system integration for Danish Customs.

Fredericia Shipping

Fredericia Shipping implemented PICit TOMS for their road activities.

Port of Aalborg, Aalborg Stevedore Company & Protruck

Port of Aalborg entered into an agreement with PICit A/S for the delivery and operation of combined PICit TOS and PICit GOS to Aalborg Stevedore Company (ASC). At the same time, an agreement was concluded with Protruck and Port of Aalborg for the delivery of the PICit Estimate System.

DFDS Ghent

DFDS Ghent started PICit TOS for managing production logistics at one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

Årets Ejerledede Virksomhed

PICit A/S was nominated for Årets Ejerledede Virksomhed in Østjylland by PwC and Nykredit.

PICit TOS & Navis N4

Go-live of PICit TOS integration with the latest version of Navis N4 at APM Terminals Aarhus.

DFDS Brevik North Sea Terminal

DFDS Brevik North Sea Terminal, which has LO/LO and RO/RO ship operations and rail operations, started using PICit TOS, PICit GOS and PICit Estimate System.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

PICit A/S began working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals #4: Quality Education, #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, and #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.


PICit A/S entered into a framework agreement with DFDS A/S and at the same time an agreement was concluded on the start-up of PICit TOS at DFDS Brevik North Sea Terminal.

PICit A/S 30 Employees

PICit A/S reached 30 employees and expects to have 40 employees in 2023.

Eimskip Denmark A/S

PICit A/S and Eimskip Denmark A/S implemented the PICit Customs solutions cDoc and Manifest, including ICS module, with direct system-to-system integration to Danish Customs.

CMP & MEDLOG Copenhagen

CMP started the use of PICit TOMS as a terminal solution for internal transport, and MEDLOG Copenhagen started a depot at Nordhavnen in Copenhagen, where PICit TOS and PICit Estimate System were implemented for service by MSC Denmark.


PICit A/S developed a Booking Order Management System (BOMS) for Onrail, a newly started railway company in Norway. At the same time, PICit A/S developed a Transport Order Management System (TOMS) and thus entered the trucking industry.


MEDLOG Aarhus started depot at Port of Aarhus, where PICit TOS and PICit Estimate System were implemented for service by MSC Denmark.

PICit A/S 20 Employees

PICit A/S now has 20 employees and continues its growth.

Banedanmark, FF Skagen & Skagen Stevedore

Banedanmark entered into an agreement with PICit A/S about the delivery of a RID system for monitoring all dangerous goods (RID) on railways in Denmark. FF Skagen and Skagen Stevedore started the use of PICit TOS.

Green Cargo Norway & Fredericia Shipping

Green Cargo Norway went live with the PICit TOS and rail solution, and Fredericia Shipping implemented PICit TOS and Estimate System at their inland depot and rail terminal Fredricia Shipping in Taulov.

Port of Kristiansand & ALC

Port of Kristiansand entered into an agreement with PICit A/S for the delivery of a Gate Operating System (GOS), and ALC (today BlueWater) entered into an agreement on the use of the PICit Warehouse System at the Port of Aarhus.

Verified Gross Mass

PICit A/S developed Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for PICit TOS and as an independent module to meet the SOLAS directive.

Green Cargo Norway & CMP

An agreement was made with Green Cargo Norway for the delivery of a complete system, from booking to invoice. The modules OneStop Booking (OSB), PICit TOS and PICit GTS were part of the delivery. At the same time, Copenhagen Mamlö Port (CMP) started using the PICit TOS in Copenhagen.

Change of Ownership

PICit A/S changed owners in a Management Buyout (MBO) and Karsten Gitter, Stig Rune Skaarup and Henrik Højen Andersen became partners and took over the day-to-day management of the company. At this time, PICit A/S consisted of 12 employees.


PICit A/S developed and launched an app, PICmobile, that works like a mobile interface to PIC.


Shares in INPORT AB were sold and in that connection INPORT INTELLIGENT PORT SYSTEMS A/S changed its name to PICit A/S.

Manifest System

The Danish Customs Agency started the Manifest system and INPORT INTELLIGENT PORT SYSTEMS A/S developed and EDI connection between the CDC system and The Danish Customs Agency’s Manifest system.


INPORT INTELLIGENT PORT SYSTEMS A/S moved from the office premises at Europaplads to Javavej at Port of Aarhus, to be even closer to more of our customers.

DB Cargo Scandinavia

An agreement was reached with DB Cargo Scandinavia regarding the rewriting of the DSB Goods System, GTS, to a version of PICit GTS. Likewise, the system for settlement of rail freight, Figaro, had to be rewritten. Both systems run today and are still used by DB Cargo Scandinavia.


FAA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY A/S changed its name to INPORT INTELLIGENT PORT SYSTEMS A/S and the company bought INPORT AB, which is a Swedish supplier of IT solutions for the Swedish ports and terminals.

Customs Document Control

The Customs Document Control (CDC) module was developed for analysis and integration to the PICit Terminal Operating System (TOS). CDC was to be used to validate the status of import customs clearances, to ensure correct release of containers and a more efficient container flow at APM Terminals Aarhus.

DSB Gods, Railion Denmark & OneStop Booking

An agreement was concluded with DSB Gods and Railion Denmark (today DB Cargo Scandinavia) for the supply of a booking system and combi terminal systems for Taulov, Høje Taastrup and Vasbygade. The booking system is what we know today as OneStop Booking (OSB), which with one login can communicate with many different terminals at once.



Software as a Service & Fredericia Shipping

The foundation for the system structure was formed and CARGO SERVICE AARHUS A/S began its Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture. There was a lot of activity within the customs area and products for customs handling and pre-shipment inspection were developed. Also, Fredericia Shipping started using PICit TOS.


The work with an Internet-based thin client, PICii, began and Stig Rune Skaarup and Henrik Højen Andersen started at the end of 1999 as Developers at CARGO SERVICE AARHUS A/S.


The company CARGO SERVICE AARHUS A/S was established and since over time more customers came to PICaar (today PICit TOS), the IT staff was transferred to CARGO SERVICE AARHUS A/S. Still as an IT department for ÅSK, but now also as a supplier for terminals in other ports and for combi terminals in Denmark.

The Beginning of PICit A/S

The first steps towards PICit A/S, as we know it today, were taken in connection with the development of a system for handling containers at the container terminal ÅSK in Aarhus. Likewise, the PICaar system – a larger program package that ran per terminal – was established. Karsten Gitter and Finn Nørgaard started at ÅSK as an internal IT department.

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