For you to use PICit’s systems, PICii and PICweb, we need your:

– Name so we can create a user account, and
– Company mail address so the data extract you need may be sent to you

Your initials, that are part of your user account, will be registered in the work you perform in PICii and PICweb. If you forward the information to your customers, they can see your initials. PICit will not share your initials, name and mail address with anyone.

We keep a record of what, when and how we got your consent until your user account is deleted.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to 3 months after your user account has been closed, your name, initials, mail address and consent will be deleted.

PICit is data controller in relations to the data mentioned above and is responsible for processing within the General Data Protection Regulation Directive. If you believe your information is in violation of the law, please contact PICit A/S.

Best regards

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